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Unlock the freedom of the skies with our exclusive aircraft leasing solutions at Sky Jets!

Sky Jets provides comprehensive aircraft leasing solutions that allow our clients to use an aircraft exclusively over an extended period of time without the financial burden of an outright purchase. Our turnkey lease options ensure that our clients can focus on their business while we take care of all the aircraft-related details.

We offer aircraft leasing on both an ACMI and dry lease basis. With our ACMI lease arrangement, the client pays a fixed hourly rate that includes the aircraft, crew, maintenance, and insurance. Variable costs such as crew accommodation, fuel, and landing and parking costs of the aircraft are charged at cost, allowing clients to make significant cost savings compared to bulk block hour agreements.

Leasing an aircraft instead of owning one offers numerous benefits, such as the freedom to upgrade the aircraft every few years without having to go through the sales process, and without having a depreciating asset on their books. Leasing is also advantageous for clients who wish to be discreet about their wealth, as aircraft ownership can be perceived as extravagant.

At Sky Jets, we provide aircraft leasing solutions that allow our clients to enjoy all the benefits of aircraft ownership without any of the associated hassles.


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